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What is left of Spiral Mountain begains to fall apart and the kids soon find themselves floating in darkness. Gennai tells the kids that the evil force that made the DarkMasters came from the fire wall. This evil force walked across the fire wall and threatened the end of the Digital World. There were other DigiDestined children who had defeated this evil before. Tai and the others where choosen because a new evil had come to the DigiWorld from behind the firewall. It was said that the DigiWorld would be put into darkness, this is where the kids are floating right now. Gennai gets cut off before he has a chance to tell the kids the name of the evil force. Soon the new evil appears, Apocalymon, who has all of the attacks of the DarkMasters combined. Aploycomon destroys all of the kids crests to stop the Digimon from digivolving. The kids are then sent to the "Data World" where all computer information comes from. The kids finally realize just how inprotant each of them really are to the DigiWorld, this then restores the power of their crests and they return to the "Non-Data World". This is it, now only the finally battle remains…Stay tuned for next time…

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