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The U. S. Government Department of Justice sends agent Tim Hayes to Topee to capture a gang of counterfeiters, who have kidnapped government engraver Pat Doyle to force him to knock off some counterfeit 20's and 50's for their personal collection. Doyle's daughter, Joan, comes to town posing as a Spanish dancer and, believing Tim to be one of the gang, plays up to him. Tim later tells her he is a government agent and his plan is to steal the counterfeit money from the gang, until they get desperate and let him join the gang, thereby enabling him to find out Sharpe and his henchies have her father stashed away, and he will rescue him. Complications arise, but none that Tim can't handle.
A Treasury Department engraver is being held captive by a counterfeiting gang that wants him to make counterfeit plates for them. A lawman is sent to rescue him.
Mint worker Pat Doyle (John St. Polis) is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws, and forced to make counterfeit bill blanks for a gang of thieves. Tim Hayes (Tim McCoy) is sent to track down where the bills are coming from. It all runs like an episode of "Dragnet", but its okay. Some terrible acting by Doyle's "wife" (Suzanne Kaaaren) when she goes storming into the Bureau's office and demands action. The usual oat-burner horse chases, as they go after the gang. Filmed at Corriganville… if you haven't read up on it or visited, it has a fun history, and now its a county park! The actors and director (Sam Newfield) had all started in silents, so they knew the business well enough. Newfield and his brother were the big cheeses at PRC Pictures for a time. The usual western. It's a very okay shortie, at 53 minutes. It's exactly what you think its going to be.
In my summary, I call &quot;Phantom Ranger&quot; a hybrid western. That&#39;s because like so many B-westerns of the era, it is set in the West…of the present day. This makes for a strange combination of the old and the new. So, while Tim McCoy rides about on his horse, in another scene you might see folks in a pickup truck! It&#39;s odd, but it&#39;s also entertaining.<br/><br/>film is about a rash of counterfeit $20 bills. It seems a gang in southern Arizona has kidnapped an engraver and is forcing him to make very high quality forgeries. So, the FBI sends Tim to investigate…given that he&#39;s a cowboy AND a G-man!! Like so many of McCoy&#39;s films, he poses as a bad guy in order to infiltrate the gang and by the end he&#39;s not only rounded up the gang but also gotten the girl (huge surprise here!).<br/><br/>While a relatively ordinary plot, I liked the film for a few reasons. First, I have a soft spot in my heart for Tim McCoy. He was no pretty-boy singing cowboy but in real life was a Colonel as well as traveling trick-shooter. And, he could act. So, while some of the folks around him have trouble remembering their lines or are a bit irritating (such as the dopey girl), he&#39;s smooth and likable. I also LOVED the incredibly violent ending–it was really cool. So, if you like old B-westerns, this one is worth your time and without so many of the usual clich├ęs–singing, a dopey sidekick and the like.

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